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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
American Dream Team
Blue Ribbon Committee Initiative

Kilolo K. Ajanaku, DSPR

Future America National Director

Purpose: The Future America Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. American Dream Team Initiative is the first African American led initiative conceived to build a national and international institution for living out the principles of freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness - the fundamental American Creed contained in the Declaration of Independence. This Initiative honors Dr. King because it was he who had a great vision and need for all Americans to learn to live out the American Creed as outlined in his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, August, 1963.

Mission: To make America the model nation it was intended to be honoring Dr. King as the newest founding father; by constructing relationships based on the principles of the American Creed, and by ridding the country of crime, ethnic hate, ineffective education and poverty. The science now exists and the plan has been conceived on how to do just as Dr. King asked us to do.

Goals:The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. American Dream Team Blue Ribbon Committee will be comprised of a minimum of 1,000 individuals who will model and provide the leadership for making the vision of Dr. King a reality throughout the country. This leadership will apply the breakthrough discoveries of FABRI’s research in the Precision Science of Humaculture and the Corporate Neighborhood Plan, at the center of which is the Future America Multi-billion Dollar Corporation (MB$C). The goal is to begin by making Memphis the Model City in Honor of Sister Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., by putting life into the 2007 Resolutions of Support, given by the Memphis City Council and the Shelby County Tennessee Board of Commissioners, for this model Memphis idea!