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The Definition and Concept of the Term Esnicity

The term Esnicity identifies an individual, as opposed to the term Ethnicity, which identifies Ethnic groups. Esnicity grew out of the need to have a psychosocial definition of an individual, according to the natural birth of the Homo sapiens baby, notwithstanding sex or gender or Ethnic group – all of which is in accordance with the second paragraph of the 1776 American Declaration of Independence, where all human babies are recognized as being born equal (100%) at birth!

The breakthrough in biopsychosocial basic research of Future America allows the African American and other ethnic individuals who are a product of the phenomenal and traditional institution of American slavery to study self both in the context of slavery and its processes and project a new foundation of freedom with its designed processes of social living. The product of this breakthrough in basic research is called ESNICITY where for the first time in American history the individual can be totally responsible and accountable for him or herself.

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These articles were written before we developed a more appropriate term. Ethnicity refers to the group and Esnicity refers to the individual

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