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Multi Billion Dollar Corporation (MB$C)

To Handle the Business Interests of the African American Family
And to be the Solution to America’s Domestic Problems

Now, let us come present tense in discussing the following proposal regarding business and economics until we reach a meeting of minds. In order to give and receive this proposal or any proposal, one must know how to take in novelty. This Future America Multi Billion Dollar Corporation prescribes a scientific formula for giving and receiving the novel proposal for the whole Ethnic American Family to socialize the 1776 American Creed, which is what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, asked us to do.

Essential point: It is magical to have a principled relationship in line with another person who has joined with the Future America Basic Research Institute Chief Researcher, Dr. Nkosi Ajanaku, Esquire (scientific support), Founder and catalyst for the creation of the Multi Billion Dollar Corporation. This magic can happen right away if you are active in getting others involved in the relationship. It works when you have integrity with the person with whom you are making the offer.

Context/Background: Education (higher) came out of the desire of European American (EA) women who, in 1865, wanted to see slavery and its conditions brought to an end through and by a special class of educated African Americans (AA) right off of America’s slave plantations. Dr. W. E. B. Dubois (1868-1963) and Dr. Carter Woodson (1875-1950), both Harvard graduates, spoke out in 1933 about the dismal failure of the American education system to achieve this noble and very much needed goal. Dr. Dubois wrote about his concerns in two articles entitled “The College Class, the Talented Tenth” and “The Negro College”, (Dubois Reader by David Levering Lewis); and Dr. Woodson validated those concerns in his book (“the Mis-Education Of The Negro” by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, 1933).

The idea that these European American women had in mind was, and still is, a great idea, for education to be the tool to provide a special class of African Americans the intellectual ability to create a cohesive mind-set to become the managing brain trust for the whole African Family. The content, context, and process of education, however were not in tune with the idea. Rather, the education package continued then, and continues now, to promote African American people as workers and consumers. In other words, the top of the AA Family is sent off to colleges and universities and hired off by corporations to continue the slave tradition of working for someone. Because there is no traditional avenue through which to return to their neighborhoods, AA graduates are not able to contribute and take care of the African American Family. The result is that they are promoted within corporate America and never get back home to establish industries that can be inherited by children of AA families. Thus, the American wealth begun by AA slaves on the plantation continues to be handed down to those corporations that have become the caretakers of that wealth, and AA’s continue to support this system through this inherited American work ethic. Consequently, the remaining members of the AA Family are left to fend for themselves in persistent poverty and ignorance.

Essentially, the education received, all the way through to a Masters Degree, works fine for slaves but it does not solve the problem that was envisioned, from inception, by those European American women. College graduates are left helpless in creating an economic, cultural and social foundation for taking care of, or managing the affairs of the African American Family. They remain a consumer and worker without the mind-set or expertise for solving the persistent problems in the family; i.e. poverty, ineffective education, self-hate, escalated crime, alcohol and drug abuse, and domestic and gang violence.

The good thing about the past is that, as human beings, we can improve greatly upon the past. The facts in relation to this special group of African Americans, in comparison and contrast to the European Americans who started the Wall Street phenomenon, and the European women who initiated the education process whereby a special class of African Americans could become accredited with college degrees, are presented as follows: The European Americans, including all other ethnic groups who migrated to America inherited a mercantile system, a culture of economics and the value of the organized dollar. This inheritance gives the children of these cultures a big boost to move forward in this multicultural society of America. In contrast, African Americans did not inherit a mercantile system of goods with a culture of economics and the value of the organized or collective dollar within the AA Family, thus providing us with a vast disadvantage. However, we have in common the ability to improve upon the past, especially because we are humans! What is unique is that the AA Family has a common inheritance with all Americans: America’s rich past.

Uniquely, African Americans are the only group that has been given special authorization to impact the dilemma of slavery in America. This can best be understood from the analogy of the ‘Royal Stamp of Approval’ given to Columbus in 1492, by Queen Isabella of Spain, to go into the wilderness beyond the horizon of known European human knowledge’. Similarly, the African American college class, right out of the cotton fields, was given the ‘Royal Stamp of Approval’ by the American power brokers, to come into the previously forbidden school house, get a college degree, and go into the wilderness beyond what they knew to put an end to slavery, and create a whole new free society for all Americans beyond the horrors of slavery that had torn the country apart in 1861-1865! With the lingering psychological effects of slavery continuing to plague the country, before today, there was little knowledge of how to eradicate these effects.

Today, we now have a way to solve this problem at its root, and we must, like all other children of America, put a value on what we inherit (our educational institutions) or we will squander them altogether! Dr Nkosi Ajanaku, Esquire, being the research attorney that he is, has developed the scientific solutions and expertise for us to solve this problem. His research is sound and factual. He simply needs to get the backing and support of the African American Family behind him in so that the whole of America can join in creating the idea of Dr. Martin Luther King’s American Dream! The science uses the standard forensic measuring tools: who, what, when, where, how and why.

WHO: All members of the College Classes throughout America, and our Associates, are the Talented Tenth. There are approximately 13 million African Americans in the country. Ten percent would represent about 130 thousand people.

WHAT: The creation of a multibillion dollar corporation that takes advantage of something we currently have in the family – our educational credentials. These credentials have already been sanctioned by the EA Family. Presently, we are not doing anything with these credentials. Most of us have them posted on the wall or stuck in drawers somewhere. Our proposal is that we turn these credentials over to a database that we will establish, to be used with integrity, as a unifying tool to serve the common good of the whole American family, in order to solve this problem. Our credentials can then be used, for the first time, to support, in a unified effort, the creation of a corporation designed to take care of the whole AA Family, with benefits to the entire Ethnic American Family.

We can use the New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street, as a guide for getting started. In March, 1792, twenty-four of New York City’s leading merchants met secretly at Corre’s Hotel to discuss ways to bring order to the securities business and to wrest it from their competitors, the auctioneers. Two months later, on May 17, 1792, these merchants signed a document called the Buttonwood Agreement, named after their traditional meeting place, a buttonwood tree. The agreement called for the signers to trade securities only among themselves, to set trading fees, and not to participate in other auctions of securities. The Exchange would later be located at 11 Wall Street.

So we are not talking about your having to do anything except turning your higher education credentials over to a national database to be leveraged by a broker, to take care of the collective interests of the whole African American Family, and other ethnic partners, so that we can be assured that we, and our children, can get what is needed to eliminate this historical poverty and dependency.

WHEN: We have begun with a goal of recruiting a minimum of 1000 members. Each member provides their resume, bio and photo for the database.

WHERE: Membership in the corporation can come from anywhere in the United States. It is a national and an international corporation that can be incorporated wherever the members decide is the best place to establish it.

HOW: We already have the scientific expertise of a researcher to address the specifics of how. Because sisters are primary in the origin of both the biological and psychosocial life of babies, ‘Sisterhood’ is the key to the management of this Bottom-Up/Top-Down Multi Billion Dollar Initiative!

We have a method to invite members and we will use the six degree principle to extend the idea to all interested parties starting with your “warm market”. Start with your family, friends and acquaintances to give them the first option, and then move on from there.

The prime number is three which lays the psychosocial basis for moving towards the 1000 people that will be bound together with integrity and thought. Dr. Nkosi Ajanaku will immediately create a New Knowledge Forum; for all that have signed up, to demonstrate how to use the idea for managing the African American Family in becoming a lucrative business venture for all parties.

The Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a great analogy of what’s possible, and provides us with another guide for the Multi Billion Dollar Corporation. Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, a retired high school principal, founded AARP in 1958, which actually evolved from the National Retired Teachers Association, which was established in 1947 to promote Dr. Andrus’ philosophy of productive aging and to respond to the needs of retired teachers for health insurance. In 1963, Andrus established an international presence for AARP by founding the Association of Retired Persons International. AARP has developed networks and formed coalitions within the worldwide aging community by promoting the wellbeing of older persons internationally through advocacy, education and service. Today, AARP boasts some 35 million members, provides an extensive range of benefits for its members and is one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the United States

WHY: African American people are not unified on anything. This is the opportunity to solve this problem and to demonstrate to the world that we have what we need to absolutely assume responsibility and accountability for ourselves, our children and our business interests. The world is waiting to see us step up to the plate as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted us, and the whole American Family, to do, and President of the United States Barrack Obama, is calling on us for such an initiative.

"When 392 years of African American repressed human energy is released by stimulant that creates excitements about great economic, business and cultural possibilities, the inner city of Memphis and America will become an inner city of Paradise of Human Creativity!"