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We establish and declare the Future America Sisterhood Additional Understanding of the Declaration of Independence as the first document to represent all members of the American Family. The document grew out of the works of Dr. Nkosi Ajanaku, Esquire, and offers a new perspective on long standing domestic problems such as ethnic hate, poverty, crime and ineffective or irrelevant education. We strongly believe that in order to confront our social challenges successfully, the Declaration of Independence is the starting place. Why? Because it is the nation’s starting place. The Declaration of Independence fastens the principle of inherent human essence to the purpose of establishing this nation as a Republic form of government with individualism at the core of its canons. Heretofore, we have looked to the nation’s by-laws, our Constitution, for answers. However, the problems that we face are not civil issues but human rights issues. Most Americans recognize and grapple with these perennials, but Dr. Nkosi Ajanaku, Esquire proposes the solution and offers himself to be held accountable by anyone who wishes to test his solutions.

Hence, this document, the Future America Sisterhood Additional Understanding of the Declaration of Independence, states that it is each of our responsibility to make the Declaration of Independence (1776) a living reality, a reality that must be reflected in the character of each one of us.


The Future America Sisterhood Additional Understanding of the Declaration of Independence preserves and secures the principles of freedom for the whole family, and provides the guiding principles for governing how the American Family will conduct themselves locally, nationally and worldwide, starting with Sisterhood. The Sisterhood version of the 1776 document offers the opportunity for each of us to live and leave a proud legacy, to do something great no matter where on this planet one resides, be it the front or backyard of America. The Future America Sisterhood offers this document to you to champion.

Women in history had no voice in any culture. As sisters, we are frozen in time with the language and behavior of our “mamas”. We must think plural and break this legacy of our mothers and grandmothers. Consciousness will cause us to stop these age-old habits and start a cultural legacy of using our minds to create a new regime--rooted in reality and principle--a socialization process.

Sisterhood is a mental concept, i.e. moving from a colony to a state, seeing one’s self not in the slave cabin but as part of a larger idea. Sisterhood is a concept through which we can grow by using the tools of cultivation, cooperation and objectivity. Nature has given us everything to program the baby to the truth and we can create a new future through the babies.


  • To transcend old paradigms, false social denominations which divide us based on the so-called good girl/bad girl syndrome and which are characterized by color, class, money, and/or the brotherhood.
  • To love, honor, respect and promote each other and be the vanguard on reverence beginning with Dr. Nkosi Ajanaku, Esquire
  • To develop and model a new standard whereby sisters can relate to brothers using principle, fact and truth.
  • To introduce ourselves to others as free persons standing on the shoulders of Nkosi Ajanaku, Esquire
  • To make proposals to everyone to join in the Future America Freedom Movement.
  • To relate and talk to all sisters outside of the slave cabin.
  • To decide to raise all babies as free Homosapiens.