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May 24, 1995

Basic - of, being, or functioning as a starting point.

Research - scientific or scholarly investigation.

Evaluate - to determine or fix value

Basic Research -- determines who or what a person is or what a thing is and how the person is supposed to function or how a thing is supposed to function.


  1. Relying upon gained experience or observation. b. capable of proof or verification by means of experiment or observation.
  2. Relying solely on practical experience and without regard for theory or system.

Data - information, especially information organized for analysis or used as the basis for decision making.

Empirical Data - observations written down for purposes of analysis to be used for decision making purposes.


  1. An occurrence or fact directly perceptible by the senses.
  2. An unusual unaccountable or remarkable fact or occurrence.
  3. (Philosophical) that which appears real to the senses, regardless of whether its underlying existence is proved or its nature understood.


  1. The act of breaking through an obstacle or restriction.
  2. A major accomplishment or success that permits further progress as in technology.

Psychosocia - involving aspects of both social and psychological behavior.

Psychology - the science of mental processes and behavior.

Social - living together in communities.

Bio - living organism

Biology - the science of living organisms and life processes, including the study of structure, functioning, growth, origin and evolution.

The breakthrough in biopsychosocial basic research of Future America allows the African American and other ethnic individuals who are a product of the phenomenal and traditional institution of American slavery to study self both in the context of slavery and its processes and project a new foundation of freedom with its designed processes of social living. The product of this breakthrough in basic research is called ESNICITY where for the first time in American history the individual can be totally responsible and accountable for him or herself.